The FIAT ROSARY was revealed in a vision to a lay missionary by the name of Veronica O’Brien images9JVL2E6Bon September 7th, 1984, the eve of the feast of the Nativity of Mary.   Reported in the book entitled The Hidden Hand of God, written by Cardinal Leon Suenens, she described her experience in these words:    “During the night  I was saddened by the thought that although Mother’s Day is becoming more and more popular, the Birthday of Mary, the Mother of all Mothers would not be celebrated in Christian homes.  In my prayers, I said to the Lord:  ‘Jesus tomorrow (Sept 8th) is the Feast of the Nativity of your Mother.  Every child in the world gives his mother a present for her birthday.  What will You give Your Mother, Jesus?’  And suddenly, as a spiritual flash of light, I saw in my mind an image of a small, reduced rosary, and I heard the Lord say to me:  ‘Here is my Birthday present to my Mother; it will help her to make me known to the very ends of the earth.  Make it known all over the world.’

After recalling her vision to Cardinal Suenens (1904-1996), Cardinal Leon Suenensformer Bishop of Belgium and a Moderator of the Second Vatican Council, and with permission from Pope John Paul II,  they lead the spreading of the FIAT ROSARY and thus began the FIAT PRAYER MOVEMENT, encouraging total openness to God in imitation of Mary.

Cardinal Suenens is quoted as saying, “May this little rosary find its way into many homes, so that they may become cenacles of apostles, gathered around the Virgin Mary to receive the Spirit of Pentecost.”

Imprimatur + Godfried Cardinal DANNEELS
Brussels, 8 dec. 1984


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