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  1. Thank you so much for this fiat rosary.

    I’ve had a terrible time the last few years and the spirituality of this little rosary really hits home with me at a time I really need it.

    It has truely brought me closer to Christ. I feel His peace through my troubles.

    Thank You


  2. Madeleine: I love your site and am so greatful you have introduced me to the Fiat Rosary. May God Bless you and all your works!

  3. Thank you so much for your website & the Fiat Rosary. Several miracles have happened in our lives due to the Fiat Rosary.

    My husband had a history of alcoholism, he was physically & verbally abusive.

    Last summer I was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, my husband responded by getting drunk, throwing a fit & kicking our 5 yr old down the stairs paralyzing him from the waist down. A month later he blew his head off with a shotgun.

    Fortunately I had wonderful friends who helped my son & I while I searched for someone to adopt my son.

    Last Christmas a friend gave me a brown rosary with a medal instead of a crucifix and only 3 Hail Mary beads instead of 10. She said she didn’t know anything about it other than it was called Fiat.

    I found your site on the web and started praying to Mary for help at least three times a day.

    January 8th my son & I were at a birthday party and he started moving his legs for the first time in months! Over the next few months he actually started walking and now it’s as if nothing happened to him! His doctor said he can’t explain it other than a miracle!! Praise God.

    March 9th I had Doctors appointment he said my cancer was in remission!!! Last month, Nov 27th my doctor said the cancer was 100% GONE! Thank you Jesus & Mary!!!

    Thank you for your web site.


    • WOW! Mary is so powerful!
      I love her so and this is why I promote the FIAT ROSARY!
      Thank You so much for sharing your story with me.
      It gives me renewed encouragement to continue my work in promoting the FIAT Rosary.
      God bless you and your son.
      You’ll be remembered in our prayers in praise and thanksgving for what Mary’s intercession and your faith in Her and Her Son Jesus has done.
      Happy Healthy and Holy New Year! Madeleine & Jim Porter

  4. That is a beautiful story Julia. I have a close attachment to the Blessed Mother and while I have never had our Dear Mother perform her miracles on me as she has done with you she has been their and helped me through some trying times. I am so happy she was helpful in your life and I believe everything happens for a reason. She truly is amazing and her son Jesus as well. I never get tired of hearing about her Glorious Miracles she performs. Madeleine and Jim, I believe your work is great and the Blessed Mother knows how important your work is. I agree with Julia by thanking you for your website and the construction of the Rosary which I will be receiving soon.

  5. Beautiful website, Madeleine! You are so techno… way more than I thought! (Just kidding)

  6. A great website
    I am putting together a unit of work for year 5 primary school children and am wondering is I can reproduce your pictures for this unit
    much appreciated

    • Hi Rosa,
      You definitely can reproduce my pictures for your students.
      Anything to help children learn about God and learn to pray to Him is my goal.
      God Bless You! Madeleine Porter

  7. I just started again to say the Fiat Rosary. I wish I would have continued when I first started it a few years back. I have one question for you. On the Joyful Mystery of the Annunciation, it lists March 25th as the date the Church celebrates this day, however, I noticed that we are celebrating it on April 8th. Could you please clarify this for me. Thank You

    • Thanks Raymond for writing in. Glad to hear you are saying the Fiat Rosary again.
      Prayer is so needed today more than ever.
      Why the Annunciation was celebrated on April 8th this year was because March 25th landed during Holy Week.
      The Annunciation usually is always celebrated on March 25th – nine months before Christmas Day.
      God Bless You! Madeleine Porter

      • Thank you very very much for the information. God Bless You.

  8. The Fiat Rosary and its place in the Life of the Church

    The FIAT rosary saw the light of day at the very moment when John Paul II was issuing an urgent call to Christians to commit themselves to the New Evangelization.

    This rosary also represents a response to the invitation of Paul VI who, in his apostolic exhortation Marialis cultus 1974, No. 24, wished to infuse a new vigour into Marian devotion : “This shows the need for episcopal conferences, local churches, religious families and communities of the faithful to promote a genuine creative activity and at the same time to proceed to a careful revision of expressions and exercises of piety directed towards the Blessed Virgin. We would like this revision to be respectful of wholesome tradition and open to the legitimate requests of the people of our time.”

    It was with this in mind that Cardinal Danneels approved and recommended the FIAT rosary: “May this little rosary find its way into many homes, so that they may become cenacles of apostles, gathered around the Virgin Mary to receive the Spirit of Pentecost.”

  9. To All Who inquired and requested Fiat Rosaries from me!

    Today September 7th marks the 30th Birthday of the Fiat Rosary.

    It was in the evening of September 7th, 1984 that Veronica O’Brien had her vision from Jesus of the Fiat Rosary while in prayer asking Him what He was going to give His Mother, Mary on her birthday, September 8th. Please pray a rosary in honor of Mary’s Birthday!

    I will soon be making updates on my website

    But one I’d like to share with you right now is the passage or meditation under the mystery of the Assumption. I never realized until now that Revelation 12:1 (and I must have read it hundreds and hundreds of times over the years) describes Mary’s Assumption into heaven. And so, the corrected passage for the Assumption in the Fiat Rosary will read like this,

    Mary was brought bodily into the glorious presence of God,

    robed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.

    (Rev 12:1)

    This is the only mystery that did not have a scriptural reference. It always bothered me but my enlightenment came on the feast of the Assumption just this year.

    A member of a Prayer Group in South Africa brought it to my attention this past year as I visited there in Port Elizabeth. And it brought to the forefront of my prayer to find an answer. As the scriptures say, “Seek and you will find”. Thank You, Lord!

    So let us celebrate this wonderful two days dedicated to Our Lady!

    Happy Anniversary the Fiat Rosary! *=D> applause

    God Bless You All!

    Madeleine and Jim Porter *:-h wave

    387 Minerva Avenue, Cumberland, RI 02864 USA

  10. Thank you for the rosaries for my daughter and I – These little prayer pillars are a must for everyone – Heather, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  11. Hello Madeleine and Jim. Thank you for introducing the Fiat Rosary to the members of Ward St Francis at St Martin de Porres Church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Since January 2014 when we first introduced it at our prayer meetings, we’ve allowed the host/ess to decide if the traditional or the Fiat Rosary would be recited in their homes. In my home we recite the Fiat Rosary. Seeing the events in the lives of Jesus and Mary being depicted chronological on one sheet, put the whole story in perspective for me. Thank you that you devote so much of your time promoting the Fiat Rosary. God bless you both.

  12. Thank you for these pillars of prayer – Heather, South Africa

  13. Hi Madeleine! Barbara G from St. A’s gave me a Fiat Rosary a long time ago. I put it some place “safe”. (HA!) Recently I found it, but not the booklet. I’m so glad to have found your web page. I’ve printed all the instructions and now I can pray the Fiat Rosary. I sure know a LOT of folks who could use prayer, not the least of which are the victims of today’s aviation disaster from Air Egypt. God bless! Esther P

  14. Hello Madeleine! I am very impressed with your update of “Praying the Fiat Rosary.” It is even more child-friendly now. Everything about it is stimulating and enjoyable. Well done! How are you going to celebrate the birthday of the Fiat Rosary on the 7th of September? Send us some pictures. God bless you in the mission of promoting this prayer. Love from all of us in Port Elizabeth.
    Angeline Oakes

  15. What about the indulgences? How do the indulgences compare to the normal Rosary?c

    • Hi Catherine,
      I don’t know too much about indulgences. I think it would be the same as praying the full rosary.
      The Fiat Rosary prays the whole of the mysteries just simpler on one string of beads. The Fiat Rosary prays the whole Gospel story in one sitting.
      It’s a way of praising and thanking Jesus and Mary for what they have done for us to give us eternal life.
      In the apparition of our Lady to two shepherds at LaSalette in the French Alps, she says to the children to PRAY WELL!. She said, “Say one good Our Father and One good Hail Mary in the morning and at night. And if you have time say more.” Praying the Fiat Rosary is saying YES! to God’s Will in our lives like Jesus and Mary did. The Fiat Rosary should make us stronger in our faith. The rosary is the best foundation from which our Faith builds upon. The rosary is the best weapon we can use against all the evil around us. I hope this answers your question. God Bless You, Catherine

  16. Good evening, thank you so much for your very lovely reply. Your reply has brought me to think about ‘praying well ‘. A few years ago I developed a devotion for the Holy Souls and a book I read about them spoke a lot about indulgences and recommended ‘the manual of indulgences ‘ so I try to obtain indulgences for the Holy Souls hence my question.
    The prayer group I attended is a Charismatic group called ‘the Fiat Prayer Community ‘ Our present leader got that name for our group when she was in Medgugorja. One of our group came across a booklet at the back of a Church which contained the Fiat Rosary so we say the Fiat Rosary before the group actually starts.

    So I am going to try to pray well and trust in the Lord.

    Thanks again
    God bless
    Catherine McDonald

  17. Hello All!
    I would like to share with you a thought that I read in the winter edition 2016-2017 of the Marian Helper Publication of the National Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
    Fr. Joseph, Director of the Association of Marian Helpers says in the article entitled, ‘These Beads are no sweat’, “that those Hail Marys are not the main point of the Rosary. Rather, they serve as a “soundtrack….the background music we hear while watching a gripping movie. The mysteries are the plot we are to focus on.,,,the biblical salvific events of Christ’s life and their close connection with His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary,” Isn’t that beautiful! What a testimony to the Fiat Rosary is how I read this comment of the rosary. I often get controversial remarks of the simplicity of the Fiat Rosary. I feel I have to defend it at times. But Mary is the one who inspired Fr. Joseph with this great message. He says he received this message while praying the rosary.
    Thank you Fr. Joseph and thank you, dear Mary for this message.
    God Bless You All! Madeleine Porter

  18. Hello, I came upon your wonderful utube video of the fiat rosary. I just love the presentation, the rosary as presented, makes so much more sense to me…..
    Sheila – January 6, 2018

  19. Hi!
    am Ethiopian lady called by name Meseret.IThere are people in my country who wannted to know and to get to learn how to make the fiatrosary.So please let me know how we can work together?!

    • Please send me your email address and we can discuss how we can do this. I’d love to help promote the Fiat Rosary and prayer. My email address is

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