The Fiat Rosary

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The FIAT ROSARY was revealed in aVision to a Lay Missionary, Veronica O’Brien, in 1984 and is approved by the Church.   (Click on History Tab above)

 THIS ROSARY FOR OUR TIMES is a simple all-inclusive way to pray the rosary – three of the Joyful, three of the Luminous, three of the Sorrowful, and three of the Glorious mysteries on one string of beads.  (Click on How to Pray Fiat)

 It’s a “RESUME OF THE LIFE OF CHRIST”, as one priest put it. “Truly the Work of the Holy Spirit”, said another,  on one string of beads.                      

“FIAT” is Latin for “YES !”

Jesus and Mary said “YES !” to the Father’s Will in their lives.

May we also say “YES !” to God in our life as we pray the Fiat Rosary.



Thank you for visiting our blog on THE FIAT ROSARY and giving us the opportunity to share this simple and all-inclusive way of praying the rosary with you.  The FIAT ROSARY continues to be a blessing to us in our prayer life and in teaching people of all ages TO PRAY, throughout the world, most recently in South Africa, through this blog.


We first heard about The FIAT Rosary in the Spring of 1989.  Brother Armand Guillet, a Religious Brother of the Sacred Heart placed one in my hand one day while attending Mass. We’ll be forever grateful to him for sharing such a precious gift.  We believe it is a “Rosary for Our Times” because of its simplicity and all-inclusiveness.  It teaches formulated, scriptural, spontaneous and intercessory prayer on one string of beads.  More importantly it teaches the core of our Faith – The Story of  JESUS.  We invite you to join us in our work of making JESUS KNOWN through Mary by praying and encouraging others to pray The FIAT Rosary.   Handmade with cord, we package them with a flier giving you all the information you’ll find on this blog….the History of FIAT, detailed instructions on How to Pray the FIAT Rosary, and a depiction with scriptural passage for each of the twelve mysteries.  You may want to start your own FIAT PRAYER GROUP by inviting others to recite The Fiat Rosary and reflect on the daily readings of the Mass.  One very good publication we found to reflect on the daily readings is ‘The Word Among Us’.  On this blog you’ll find a link for this publication along with other links to Christian suppliers and organizations.  We hope you enjoy our blog and find The FIAT Rosary enriching your spiritual life as it does ours and those we teach.                     
     “As God, the Father, prepared the Heart of the Virgin Mary to be a fitting home for the Holy Spirit, by Her prayers may we become a more worthy temple of His Glory.”   God Bless You!       
                  Jim and Madeleine Porter
                  387 Minerva Avenue, Cumberland, RI 02864
                  USA    401-723-8803   email:
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   Rosaries are available for $3.00 each – which is the cost of materials only.  

   The shipping charge is 50 cents per rosary.
   Just give us a call or contact us by email.
                 Thank You!

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